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EnumerableExtensions Class

Adds functionality that is often used for unit testing to all IEnumerables of numeric data types
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  TestHelperExtensions
Assembly:  CBI.TestHelperExtensions (in CBI.TestHelperExtensions.dll) Version:
public static class EnumerableExtensions

The EnumerableExtensions type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberGetRandomT
Returns a random item from the objects in the collection
Public methodStatic memberHasSameValuesT
Determine if 2 lists hold the same values. The values may be held in any order as long as they are the same in count and value.
Public methodStatic memberMedianT
Calculates the median of a list of at least 2 values.
Public methodStatic memberRangeT
Calculates the range of values of a list of at least 2 values.
Public methodStatic memberShuffleT
Produces a new list with the same items as the original list but in random order
Public methodStatic memberStdDevT
Calculates the population standard deviation of a list of at least 2 values.
This library is not intended for use as production code, but instead is intended to provide functionality in the test libraries for that production code.
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